Monday, August 26, 2013

DVAP and the XReflectors

Well it's been a pretty short time with the DVAP....a couple of notes for others....

Normally, I use our local gateway (W8HHF B) and connect to reflectors and repeaters around the world.  Works great.  However, you kind of subject users that also scan/use that system to also have to listen to whatever you've connected to.  Sometimes the reflectors can get pretty chatty about some technical topics - and some hams don't really care for that.

On Tuesday's there is a "Raspberry Pi" net (on X-Reflector 021B at 0300 GMT) that talks about using your DVAP on a Raspberry Pi to create a portable Hotspot.  Since I've started doing some of this I wanted to see what everybody else is doing.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a DVAP (2 meter) to allow me to use the HT from around the neighborhood so I can connect to various reflectors, etc around the world so I can listen and communicate with others just using the Icom ID-51.

If you use the regular D-Plus reflectors and repeaters, then the Robin Cutshaw (AA4RC) DVAPTool works just fine and the DVAP works using 10 milli-watts out to about 3/4 of a mile from my house.

Now here's the problem, if you want to connect to any of the X-Reflectors (Experimental Reflectors)...and you really should - great stuff on those systems.  Anyway, I went to connect to XREF021 port B using the DVAP Tool 1.04 (the latest version at the time) and nothing!  I must be entering something incorrect...."XRF021BL" - connect to X-Reflector 021 port B with the Link command.  Still nothing!

Well come to find out that you have to use version 1.02 of the DVAPTool because Robin Cutshaw decided to hard code the DNS/IP Address entries into his software.  What a "jerk" move by him.  Totally not what ham radio is about.  Not cool, dude!  Not cool at all!  He did this totally as a self-serving move to promote his own D-Plus repeater software instead of some of the other Experimental software.

Well in order to fix this, you have to use version DVAPTool version 1.02 and add the following entries into your /etc/hosts file (using a Mac).

#FREE STAR* callsign server redirect

The above works (as shown below), but it's something you have to be aware of.